-- Soy Wax Candle All Natural 17 oz. Jar

-- Soy Wax Candle All Natural  17 oz.  Jar

All natural hand poured, natural soy wax candles. No chemicals or petroleum bi_products.
The candles are fully scented and guaranteed to burn correctly if burned at least 2 hours each time.
Burn Time 90 Hours.
All cotton wicks.

Price: $20.95



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Natural soy wax tartsNatural soy wax tarts

Natural soy wax tarts in a NEW CLAMSHELL package. One package equals 4 YANKEE SIZED tarts(found in most stores). Now with less labor, I add MORE fragrance for an even STRONGER scent YOU GET THE EQUIVALENT OF 12 YANKEE TARTS FOR $.90 EACH, AND THESE ARE MUCH BETTER.


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