oil warmer, tart burner, electric wood box d482

oil warmer, tart burner, electric wood box d482

Tart burner, oil warmer, night light. An oil warmer, made of wood, will burn tarts or oils. Has an orange cone inside, giving it a relaxing amber glow when lit. Comes with a dimmer switch on the cord, used to control the heat and light, which lets you control the amount of fragrance in your room.

Price includes free shipping and one FREE extra bulb with every warmer.

8" tall

Price: $32.95


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Natural soy wax tartsNatural soy wax tarts

Natural soy wax tarts in a NEW CLAMSHELL package. One package equals 4 YANKEE SIZED tarts(found in most stores). Now with less labor, I add MORE fragrance for an even STRONGER scent YOU GET THE EQUIVALENT OF 12 YANKEE TARTS FOR $.90 EACH, AND THESE ARE MUCH BETTER.


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